You Can Help Bring Clarity

You can help bring clarity to transform their minds.
In my recent posts I have brought to light the challenge for leaders in today’s church. We are confronted with blended beliefs that keep the born-again believer from walking in the fullness of Christ. Paul tells us in Ephesians chapter four that we are to equip the believers, bringing them into unity and attaining to the fullness of Christ.

As long as believers hang on to a little new age philosophy, a little Hinduism, or a little humanism they will falter in their walk with the Lord. There will certainly not be unity and they will experience bits and pieces of the fullness of Christ.

We must build them up, bringing clarity of mind and freedom of spirit to the church. I encourage you to take on the challenge among those you lead. Find out what they REALLY BELIEVE. It may surprise you! However, with the knowledge of what they really believe, you can begin to transform their mind and bring freedom from the bondage of blended beliefs. You can do it! You are equipped! Praise Jesus.

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