Double Minded Is Deceitful

Avoid double mindedness with patience

Double minded leaders deceive themselves and depart from God’s best for them. A secondary definition of double minded is ‘deceitful’. Yes, if your own heart deceives you, you may find yourself giving up on God’s plan and coming up with your own plan.

Many leaders fail to fulfill their call and purpose even when they know what God has said to them. They get tired of waiting. They get frustrated with progress. They begin to second guess what God has told them, become double minded. This undermines His promise and frustrates grace in their life. They come up with their own plan. They are deceived!!!!

I think of Abram whom God promised would be the Father of many nations through a son that would be born to him. Abram and Sarai got tired of waiting on a promised son, began to second guess what God had said, and, through self-deception, came up with their own plan, conceiving a son through Hagar the maidservant (Gen. 15, 16). Double minded thinking got them Ishmael. Self-deception got them a counterfeit of God’s promise. Abram and Sarai eventually got their promised son, Isaac, but at a great price to Hagar, Ishmael, and the descendants of Ishmael. God made his covenant with Isaac, not with Ishmael.

Leaders, stay true and focused on what the Lord has spoken to you. Don’t become impatient and double minded. It leads to self-deception and less than God’s best.

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