Double Mindedness is Not Compatible with Leadership

Don't get caught in the wire of indecision

A double minded leader is unstable in all he does. To be double minded is literally to be ‘two-souled’; to waver, be unsettled, be indecisive, and lack purity and clarity of thinking. Double mindedness is NOT compatible with effective leadership.

James 4:8 says, ‘wash your hands you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.’ This kind of thinking needs to be purified. We make our decisions in our hearts. Our spirit, which is perfectly righteousness and tuned in to the Father, is pure but our hearts may deceive us with duplicity of thought. Duplicitous thinking may cause us to hesitate when a decision is needed.

When I was a boy I often visited my grandparent’s farm. They had cattle and therefore had many fences. My brother and I would venture out into the expanses of green grass and often had to cross over barbed wire fences into another part of the farm. We would gingerly swing one leg over the fence while we pushed with all our might down on the uppermost barbed wire strand. We were too short to have a leg on both sides of the fence. Once we were properly positioned we would bounce one leg up at the same moment we put the other leg down on the other side of the fence. Once we started this process there was no going back. It was one side of the fence or the other. To be caught hanging on the wire was painful and embarrassing. We could not be ‘two souled’ about the crossover! I encourage you as a leader to be pure, of one mind, as you lead people. Purify your heart. You don’t want to be hanging on the wire of indecision.

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