Single-Mindedness Brings Focus, Confidence, & Stability

Stability comes with single-mindedness.

The double-minded leader is unsure about what Jesus did for them.

Are you double-minded about grace versus works for righteousness? Do you think that a sin will remove your name from the Book of Life? Do you question your call, anointing, and purpose? This is being double-minded and unstable as a leader.

Jesus said “all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go. . . ”(John 28:18). If you have Christ in you, then you have authority to go!!! Just do it! When you are single-minded about your authority and what Jesus has done, rather than what you have done, you will walk with focus, confidence, and stability as a leader.

Many years ago as a young Christian I found that my choice to believe in the authority Jesus has through me played such a strong role in the supernatural. One day Deborah (my wife) came to me as I was working on the outside of our house. She had a severe migraine headache. She asked that I would pray for her right there. So, I chose to believe in my front yard. She chose to receive in our front yard. The power of the Holy Spirit hit her and she fell over on the grass. The neighbors pretended not to notice, but some may have thought about dialing 911 (smile).

What a deal we have as leaders in this life of faith! Stay focused on what He has done for you, and you will walk in authority and be stable in all you do.

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