The Effective Leader Understands Authority

An effective leader understands authority. He or she knows how to submit to it and operate in it. Authority is a powerful thing both in the spirit realm and in the natural realm. Jesus said "all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." The authority in the spirit realm is now vested in us, the Body of Christ.

In the natural realm we have authority in our families and in our workplace. It is both spiritual and physical. It is clear from Romans 13 that civil authority is authorized by God. Effective leaders must exercise the civil and spiritual authority given them. In the local church we have pastors who have been given authority by God for these churches. The pastor delegates authority to other leaders in the church to accomplish the purpose and mission of that church.

Leaders who try to exercise authority not delegated to them, or gain authority not willingly given to them, lose their effectiveness for God’s purposes. Conversely, if the pastor does not operate in his or her God-given authority, effectiveness is diminished. Effective leaders know how to use authority and submit to it.

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