Leave a Legacy of Success by Developing Your Successor

Develop your successor.

A leader’s legacy are the leaders he or she develops along the way. Ministries and businesses often revolve around one or two key leaders who are effective while in their position. However, when they move on to another ministry, another church, or another business, their area of responsibility often falls into shambles because they did not equip and develop other leaders to rise into that position after their departure. They did not think of the future, only of the present.

In a church it may be the sound technician who never trained others to be his successor. In business it may be the supervisory accountant who knew everything about the finances, but never trained others to attain the same level of knowledge. In ministry it may be the worship leader who never developed her successor.

Just as Barnabas developed Paul, so we must develop others. Part of our legacy as leaders is bringing others up to their God-designed level competence, commitment, and accomplishment. Leave a legacy of success by developing leaders to succeed when you hand over the baton.

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