Step 2: See God's Pattern of Provision

Boosting your faith by watching God work in others' lives will help you in your time of need.

See God’s pattern of provision!
This is the second step in our Seven Steps to Freedom series.

We have dozens of faith boosting miracles in the Bible. The Father provided quail and manna in the desert, turned bitter water to sweet, used ravens to feed Elijah and caused the widow’s jars of flour and oil to never go empty (1 Kings 17). The Father provides for those who are His. Jesus used the illustration of our Father taking care of nature; birds of the air and grass of the fields (Matt. 6:25-31). Birds don’t worry about or fear for their next meal. They just eat. Grass and flowers don’t worry about how they appear. They just grow and show! You might say "well that’s fine for species that don’t think, but I have a mind. I know what bad things could happen if I make a wrong choice." Ask Jesus why he used this example. . .he must have thought it applied to you!

Fear is a root cause of double-minded thinking. We fear the outcome because we can’t see the outcome. Seeing God’s provision for others increases faith for God’s outcome. Be encouraged by the Father’s legacy of providing when people choose to embrace His way. See the Father’s pattern of provision as a source of increasing your faith.

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