Step 6: Defeat the Opposition

The devil wants you mired in the mud of double-mindedness.

Defeat the opposition. This is the 6th step in “Seven Steps to Freedom” from double-minded thinking. The devil and his demons want you frozen in double-mindedness. They know as long as you are unstable and wavering, you are ineffective as a leader. They’ll do all they can to hold on to their ground in your mind and in your heart. They’ll want you to worry, to second guess His voice, to get mired back in the mud of double thinking.

Put on the armor of God and defeat the opposition daily (Eph. 6). Declare that the cross of Christ stands between you and the demonic. Declare the finished work of the cross to your decision for clarity. Demand that Satan be bound away from your thinking and from the situation. Wash your mind with the clarity of scriptures that speak to your situation and your new found focus. In so doing you are establishing a spiritual boundary between you and the demonic forces that have lost their ground.

Do not give back the ground you have gained!!! It’s your new territory of freedom. It’s the land of the living! It’s yours not his! You are walking in the inheritance of stability and truth, no longer caught between two opinions but walking in His opinion of you, of your life, of your decision to clearly walk it out His way.

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