Baal's 4 Key Attributes (The Spirit of Baal Series)

The Spirit of Baal has 4 key attributes that affect us today. Let’s examine those attributes before we launch into the contemporary activity of this demonic spirit. Worshipers of Baal exhibited several traits that reflect this demonic character.

First, death and self destruction were integral to Baal worship. In 1 Kings 18:28, Baal worshipers cut themselves with knives and lances. Children were given as sacrifices to satisfy Baal as recorded in Jeremiah 19:5. Baal brings self destruction!

Second, sexual immorality and deviation were integral. In Numbers 25:1-5 we find fertility cults based in promiscuous sex. The female baal Astoreth, was a fertility goddess based in promiscuity. Baal advocates sensual lifestyle and illicit sexual relationships.

Third, Baal is very legalistic and controlling. By definition any involvement with ‘Baal’ worship will bring a demonic form of legalistic control. Jezebel, a worshipper of Baal, is a good example of being adamant in her singular commitment to Baal and killing anyone who did not singularly do so (see 1 Kings 18, 19). She had recruited hundred of prophets to support Baal worship and any prophet of the true God Jehovah was to be killed. She operated more strongly in this spirit than did Ahab her husband, the King of Israel. He responded to her control.

Fourth, Baal always opposed Truth. The demonic worship of Baal is based in lies while worshipping God is based in Spirit and Truth. Jezebel and Ahab opposed all truth worshiping the idols of Baal instead of the one true God (see 1 Kings 18, 19). Jezebel in particular had no tolerance for truth. She was very angry that one man, Elijah, continued to voice truth in the midst of Israel and vowed to kill him because of the truth he voiced.

Leaders: be aware that these are demonic attributes. We must seek to bring freedom to those captured and controlled by the Spirit of Baal. In the church we often speak of a ‘Jezebel spirit’ in reference to the above attributes. Jezebel personified the activity of Baal worship. She was ‘possessed’ by that spirit and exhibited a life of living by that spirit among God’s people.

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James said...

The spirit of Baal is alive and well. Today it has be rebranded and repackaged as isla.

Anonymous said...

The spirit of baal is operating in present day by way of the celebration of the so called birth of Christ (Christmas) which actually is rooted in lies ...the meaning of it is Christ death so is a mockery of Christ death .

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