Choose God's Wisdom over Life Experience

The Father’s wisdom will rock your boat! Supernatural wisdom of God often rocks our boat of beliefs; a boat filled with personal life experiences and knowledge from which we make decision in leadership. Most Christian leaders hold more tightly to life’s experiences than to God’s wisdom.

Scripture says ‘Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God’(Rom. 11:33). It does not say the riches of your experiences or your knowledge!!!!! Our life experiences create a wealth of information that can help us be effective leaders in business and ministry. However, those life experiences also create belief systems, or paradigms, which may cause doubt and wavering when we seek wisdom from the Lord. However, if we let our Father rock our beliefs He leads us to rock solid stability. We choose believe God’s wisdom in spite of our belief system.

We see in James 1:6 that when we ask the Lord for wisdom we are to ‘believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.’ If you’ve ever been in a boat on stormy water, you’ll understand that scripture. Being blown around feels very unstable and very uncomfortable! That’s how we initially feel when God downloads wisdom that does not line up with our inner beliefs on leadership.

Any supernatural wisdom coming from the deep well of God’s Spirit may shatter some old belief system in your life. For example, many years ago I was in a leadership position in government and responsible for hiring a person for a critical management position. As I considered possible candidates, the Lord brought to my attention a person who was a vocal, articulate opponent of some of the policies and work we were doing. I asked for the Father’s wisdom, and He showed me that this person could become a vocal, articulate advocate once inside our organization. My experiences said ‘never hire the opposition’. My Father pulled back the veil of the future to revealing how this person could become a great advocate and leader in the organization.

I chose to put aside my experiential beliefs, embrace the Father’s riches of wisdom, and believe that hiring this person would bring the fruit I saw beyond the veil. I did just exactly that. For the first year or so, I questioned whether or not it was really God’s wisdom!! It did not go smoothly at first, but I continued to believe and not doubt and His wisdom was proved right. Jesus said in Matt. 11:19 ‘wisdom is proved right by her actions’. God’s wisdom was proved right, not in the first year, but as I continued to believe and act upon that wisdom.

Within a couple years this person became not only the voice of advocacy, but a voice of leadership that exceeded my expectations. He helped lead our organization to excellence. The Father’s wisdom initially rocked my boat, but ultimately stabilized and expanded my success. It can do the same for you. Ask for His wisdom for something in your life today. Let is rock your boat! But continue to believe and not doubt and you will be stabilized as you see His wisdom proved right.

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