Position Your Heart to Receive the Lord's Wisdom

Your heart attitude determines wisdom access. Solomon greatly valued wisdom and understanding for the purpose of governing people. His heart attitude was ‘I can’t do this in my own power, knowledge and understanding’. He saw the job as too big, the people as too challenging, and the outcome as too important to embark on being king without wisdom from the Father.

He desired to live beyond the 5 senses in a dimension that only His heavenly Father could provide. His number one request of the Lord upon becoming a leader was ‘help me lead by giving me wisdom and understanding. His heart attitude paved the way for access to the Father’s wisdom.

I experienced huge needs for wisdom in my leadership roles in government. I often saw my job and too big and the outcome too important to lead from my own ability and understanding. Many years ago I had the assignment to gain state legislative approval of a land conservation project. That project was adamantly opposed by many and initially defeated in that state’s legislative body.

Upon the defeat, I asked the Lord for wisdom as to how to bring this project to a fruitful outcome in His eyes. He started by giving me specific scripture that helped me address the spiritual opposition. He then gave me a strategy to reduce the size and scope of the project while retaining the overall benefits. I offered this strategy to local people, to the state legislature, and to my superiors. My superiors told me they really didn’t see any chance at success but agreed to let me pursue the strategy. They thought it could only end in another failed attempt.

As we embarked on a second attempt to gain legislative approval, key people began to support the project. Key legislators began to agree with the revised scope. While some opposition was still very strong, the legislature voted approval of the project. While 24 amendments were offered during committee and floor debate, many of which would have created defacto failure of the project, the only 2 amendments to gain approval were those that I signaled as acceptable. Wow!! What a change in only 1 year.

‘Wisdom is supreme, do gain wisdom!’ The words of Solomon became reality in a big way, not only to me but to my superiors who were shocked at the outcome. It all started with my heart attitude that I could not do it with my own wisdom and understanding.

Your challenge in leadership may not be legislation or anything related to government, but the challenge may be much greater. Position your heart to receive the Lord’s wisdom by acknowledging your own wisdom is not enough. Ask and see the hand of the Lord then work a mighty outcome on behalf of His kingdom.

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