The Value of a Public Testimony

Charity and Jay Randolph share their testimony at Crossfire.

I know that everyone has awesome times of challenge, testing, growth, deliverance, healing, perseverance, and transformation of mind and heart in our lives. It is in these stretching times that the Lord brings forth the gold and silver, the substantive things with eternal value, and we reflect His nature and image in a greater way. Every test and every testimony will be different reflecting the many faceted aspects of the Father's influence in our lives. When these events in life are documented and shared with everyone the Father gets the credit. I encourage each of you to ask the Holy Spirit for one or more testimonies you can share in the coming weeks and months. Share them on this blog in the comments section. Or share them with your friends and neighbors. Share them at church.

I am reminded of the time when Jewish leaders told Peter and John they could preach, but not in the name of Jesus (Acts 4). They could say anything they wanted to say as long as Jesus was not glorified among the people. The religious folks didn't care what Peter and John said privately about Jesus, only what they said publicly. The Word says the religious leaders wanted "to stop this thing from spreading any further among the people" (Acts 4:17). A public testimony of God's goodness in your life spreads among the people! It reveals the silver and gold in your life brought forth by that name—the name of Jesus. It brings encouagement and rejoicing in the body of Christ. We get to celebrate God's goodness with you.

So, share your testimony!


Continue to Grow in Wisdom

Our growth in wisdom is a process of transformation from seed, to blossom, to harvest.

rue wisdom comes to you through the grace of God, the favor of the Father. We continue to grow in wisdom as we grow in His grace.

In Prov. 4:9 Solomon wrote by the Spirit of God regarding wisdom, ‘she will set a garland of grace on your head.’ He spoke of our minds encircled and decorated with the presence of grace.

True Godly wisdom is sown by the Father as a gift of grace, flows and grows in us as a work of grace, and brings forth a harvest as a product of grace. Our growth in wisdom is a process of transformation from seed, to blossom, to harvest. We are a planting of the Lord and growing in wisdom part of the transformation process! Paul says in Romans 12:2 to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’ The garland of grace about our heads is the wisdom of the Father coming through His favor upon our lives. We don’t work for it. We ask, receive and believe (James 1:5-8). As we do so, we grow in wisdom and the people around us began to see the ‘garland of grace’ encircling our minds.

Many people wonder ‘how do I continue to live in wisdom after I receive it?’ They know they have the ‘seed of wisdom’ but aren’t sure about how to nurture it. We continue to live in wisdom as we allow the Lord to transform our minds to believe His favor in our lives; favor through the person of Jesus Christ. We must believe we are the righteousness of God, in Christ Jesus.

Living in wisdom will eventually reveal a ‘garland of grace’ on your head. It comes forth as we are dependent upon the daily flow of grace--knowing we don’t deserve wisdom, but that is comes free of charge because of Jesus. The seed of wisdom is a powerful seed in our lives.

Today, look to the seed of wisdom, Jesus Christ, to continue to grow and mature to the level needed in your life.

Need more wisdom?  Click here to read another post on Wisdom by Harvey Wittmier.


Help Ugandans See Clearly-- Donate Eyeglasses by July 30!

Many of you know that Crossfire has a team of people leaving for ministry in Uganda on August 1, 2010. That ministry will include an optometric clinic in Rakai, a remote village where we will be planting a new Crossfire church. This is an awesome blessing to people who have little or no access to ANY eye care!

A ministry friend from Kenya is a trained optometrist and will be managing the 3 day clinic. He needs donations of prescription and non-prescription eye glasses for that clinic. In addition, we have a request for reading glasses for another 40 pastors connected to Crossfire Church in Uganda.

Starting this Sunday we will accept donations of your old pair of prescription glasses, reading glasses, etc to take with us to Uganda. You can also purchase reading glasses any any pharmacy to donate to the cause. Collect them from your friends and relatives! Bring them to church on Sunday. We'll be accepting these donations until Friday, July 30th. Thank you!

If you would like to send us your eyeglass donations, please mail them to:

Crossfire Church
5910 S. University Blvd C18-219
Greenwood Village, CO 80121


Retaining Wisdom

Jesus said very clearly, I am the vine, you are the branches.

isdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom! (Prov. 4:7) Praise the Lord! From definition to position to acquisition to retention, we’ve been on the road to getting wisdom. You’ve got it, now hang on to it. Once you’ve tasted the fruit of the Father’s wisdom, seen the results in your life, and experienced the abundance in life Jesus promised you will want to stay in that flow of wisdom.

Retaining that flow of the Father’s wisdom is really quite simple, perhaps similar to other aspects of walking with God on a continual basis.

1) First, you stay hooked in to the source, Jesus. In John 15:5 Jesus said very clearly, I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. Staying hooked in to Jesus is not so much about eternal life as about abundant life; i.e. maintaining the heart perspective of ‘you can do nothing without Him’. Remember my previous posts. Wisdom is not a one time ‘zap’ for the moment, but a continual place of living. When your daily walk is grounded on this principle you will retain a flow of wisdom in your life.

2) Second, hang out with wise people. Solomon said ‘he who walks with the wise, grows wise.’(Prov. 13:20) You hang around with people who value and walk in the riches of wisdom. By ‘walk with them’ I mean having wise people as your inner circle of influence... them influencing you...you influencing them.

I’m not talking about creating a ‘wisdom clique’ of people who think too highly of their intellect. I’m talking about your life associations of key influencers; men and women of wisdom. You’ll know who they are. They’re not necessarily ones with the biggest businesses, largest churches, or biggest bank accounts. They’re not necessarily the opposite of that, either. They are men and women who display the fruit of wisdom described in my previous post. They walk in stability, peace, and perseverance, displaying a continual fruitfulness in whatever call, position, or demographic of society in which they reside. Find them and hang with them.

3) Third, continually cultivate your heart of humility. This follows closely with my first point above. You continually remind yourself that, in spite of your knowledge, understanding, and display of fruitfulness, you are completely dependent upon the Father for all of it. You positioned yourself for gaining wisdom with a heart of humility recognizing your personal wisdom and knowledge were insufficient for life. Stay there!!!

I occasionally see men and women who gained wisdom, walked in a good measure of knowledge, and displayed wisdom fruit but begin to lose it all when they got ‘too big for their britches’. They slowly stopped depending upon the Father and subtly began to exalt themselves.
  • The business person or CEO who gave great credit and financial profit to employees now takes most of the credit and financial profit to him or herself. When invited to share their wisdom and knowledge at speaking engagements it becomes more about them than about the Father.
  • The pastor or preacher who always took time to talk to their followers, suddenly has no time for anyone.
Such people did not cultivate the heart of humility. True spiritual wisdom no longer grows in their heart, replaced by increasing self acclamation and self promotion bringing forth the fruit of self. Because they changed they will soon harvest from a new heart--the heart of the haughty.

All you who are filled with wisdom, stay humble. Keep that heart of humility tended and cultivated by the Father’s grace and love.


Wisdom Produces Fruit

Wisdom is like a tree. It is deeply rooted and grows over time perennially producing fruit. Many Christians view wisdom as simply getting a word from the Lord for a moment. They view wisdom like those annual flowers you must plant every year to produce blooms of beauty. It is so much more than that!

Yes, the Lord can and does give us a word for the moment, a beautiful blossom from His Spirit that may include a nugget of wisdom, but lasting spiritual wisdom comes from having your roots in the deep well of God’s spiritual being. It comes from being grounded in who Jesus is in you. It is Jesus ‘in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ (Col.2:3)

As you establish your roots in the Word of God which reveals Jesus, grow in the trunk of identity that is Jesus, and raise your spiritual branches to the move of His Holy Spirit, you will produce wisdom fruit. Not just once but a continuing, perennial flow of wisdom fruit.

The Man or Woman who is deeply rooted in the Lord will ask, receive, believe, and walk in wisdom continually like a tree continually produces leaves and fruit. What is the fruit of the tree of wisdom? What does that fruit look like in your life? There are many, many benefits of wisdom, but I narrowed my list of fruit down to 26 things.

Such a man or woman of wisdom:
  • lives in purity of motives,
  • loves peace,
  • is considerate of others,
  • exhibits a submissive nature,
  • is merciful to people,
  • produces good fruit,
  • shows impartial judgment,
  • is sincere in heart,
  • gains understanding from the Father,
  • has protection from evil,
  • lives in prosperity of soul,
  • receives profits more valuable than silver or gold,
  • gains the favor of man,
  • experiences health,
  • receives blessing from the Father,
  • has no fear of man or evil,
  • receives honor,
  • makes laws that are just,
  • lives a long life,
  • is even tempered,
  • has patience,
  • has power,
  • reveals sweetness of soul,
  • is a joy to their father,
  • lives a good life,
  • and is one whose deeds are done in humility. (Prov. 7:7-22; 3:2; 3:4; 3:8; 3:12; 3:23,24; 8:15; 12:8; 17:27; 19:11; 21:20; 22:4; 24:5; 24:14; 27:11; 29:3; James 3:13; 3:17)