The Value of a Public Testimony

Charity and Jay Randolph share their testimony at Crossfire.

I know that everyone has awesome times of challenge, testing, growth, deliverance, healing, perseverance, and transformation of mind and heart in our lives. It is in these stretching times that the Lord brings forth the gold and silver, the substantive things with eternal value, and we reflect His nature and image in a greater way. Every test and every testimony will be different reflecting the many faceted aspects of the Father's influence in our lives. When these events in life are documented and shared with everyone the Father gets the credit. I encourage each of you to ask the Holy Spirit for one or more testimonies you can share in the coming weeks and months. Share them on this blog in the comments section. Or share them with your friends and neighbors. Share them at church.

I am reminded of the time when Jewish leaders told Peter and John they could preach, but not in the name of Jesus (Acts 4). They could say anything they wanted to say as long as Jesus was not glorified among the people. The religious folks didn't care what Peter and John said privately about Jesus, only what they said publicly. The Word says the religious leaders wanted "to stop this thing from spreading any further among the people" (Acts 4:17). A public testimony of God's goodness in your life spreads among the people! It reveals the silver and gold in your life brought forth by that name—the name of Jesus. It brings encouagement and rejoicing in the body of Christ. We get to celebrate God's goodness with you.

So, share your testimony!


Anonymous said...

On Feb. 18, 2006 while in route to see my daughter in Kansas I was experiencing
difficulty breathing and having chest pains. My wife took me to St. Joseph hospital in
Denver where it was determined I had just had a heart attack.
Further testing revealed complications with the Kidney’s. One had failed and the
other had some damage. Surgery would have to be delayed until the remaining left
Kidney could be strengthened. I was placed in intensive care until this could be
On Feb. 24 I had by-pass surgery, it was planned to th do all 6 arteries, but 2 could
not be done, the other 4 were done successfully. After 2 days of recovery in intensive
care I was moved to a room in the cardiac area. Within a few hours my left lung
collapsed and I was placed on a ventilator and taken back to I.C.U. After 2 days I was
removed from the life support and have been recovering well since. I was released to
come home March 4th 2006.
During the time of my lung collapse I had the following experience. I had the
sensation of descending & floating aimlessly. I felt a tug on my shoulder & heard the
voice of my daughter Kelli say “this way”. We started wandering through a maze of
blobs of stuff I cannot begin to describe. Then I found myself in front of what appeared
to be a very large window, it very much resembled one of the newer type tv screens, with
a wide black border around it.
Inside the window I saw the most hideous, dark, creature imaginable. At first I
thought it to be the likeness of “the grim reaper” or something. A couple days later God
revealed to me that it was “Abadon”. Abadon is mentioned in the Bible one time in
Revelation. It is when Satan appears in person with the intent of killing and destroying.
This tells me that I am very important to God, if not Satan would have sent one of his
lesser demons if he bothered with me at all, but he came in person, to destroy a child of
Also inside the window and taking a position between me and Satan were several
Angels. Along the bottom there appeared to be vapors, they rose and took on a shape
similar to vertical blinds, but seemed somewhat transparent like beams of light. As I
watched, the beams turned to weapons, which the Angels used against the creature. After
a while I began to realize that these were the prayers that people were praying in my
behalf, and I even began to distinguish who some of the prayers were coming from. The
corporate prayers were shooting up rapidly like cannon fire.
Around the perimeter in the black area were a lot of little circles, very similar to
the dots in the old pac man games. These were racing around at great speeds; they were
the prayers of children. I recognized some as coming from my grandchildren. I have been
asked if they were also weapons and what they meant, & after much prayer it has been
revealed that they were simply there for my pleasure, just to see them racing around and
see that the little ones prayers were also heard. They also formed a barrier to prevent
satan from passing thru the window.
The fact that I am still here to write this is evidence that Satan has once again
failed and Jesus is still in control. I write this because when God gives us these visions it
is to be used as a witness of his goodness and grace.
Dave King

Harvey Wittmier said...

Awesome testimony of the goodness and grace of the Father! Your testimony speaks to the many faceted aspects of the Father's provision in our lives. Thank you for sharing it!!!

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