Wisdom Produces Fruit

Wisdom is like a tree. It is deeply rooted and grows over time perennially producing fruit. Many Christians view wisdom as simply getting a word from the Lord for a moment. They view wisdom like those annual flowers you must plant every year to produce blooms of beauty. It is so much more than that!

Yes, the Lord can and does give us a word for the moment, a beautiful blossom from His Spirit that may include a nugget of wisdom, but lasting spiritual wisdom comes from having your roots in the deep well of God’s spiritual being. It comes from being grounded in who Jesus is in you. It is Jesus ‘in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.’ (Col.2:3)

As you establish your roots in the Word of God which reveals Jesus, grow in the trunk of identity that is Jesus, and raise your spiritual branches to the move of His Holy Spirit, you will produce wisdom fruit. Not just once but a continuing, perennial flow of wisdom fruit.

The Man or Woman who is deeply rooted in the Lord will ask, receive, believe, and walk in wisdom continually like a tree continually produces leaves and fruit. What is the fruit of the tree of wisdom? What does that fruit look like in your life? There are many, many benefits of wisdom, but I narrowed my list of fruit down to 26 things.

Such a man or woman of wisdom:
  • lives in purity of motives,
  • loves peace,
  • is considerate of others,
  • exhibits a submissive nature,
  • is merciful to people,
  • produces good fruit,
  • shows impartial judgment,
  • is sincere in heart,
  • gains understanding from the Father,
  • has protection from evil,
  • lives in prosperity of soul,
  • receives profits more valuable than silver or gold,
  • gains the favor of man,
  • experiences health,
  • receives blessing from the Father,
  • has no fear of man or evil,
  • receives honor,
  • makes laws that are just,
  • lives a long life,
  • is even tempered,
  • has patience,
  • has power,
  • reveals sweetness of soul,
  • is a joy to their father,
  • lives a good life,
  • and is one whose deeds are done in humility. (Prov. 7:7-22; 3:2; 3:4; 3:8; 3:12; 3:23,24; 8:15; 12:8; 17:27; 19:11; 21:20; 22:4; 24:5; 24:14; 27:11; 29:3; James 3:13; 3:17)

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