Give to be Refreshed!

I just returned from Uganda and Kenya, East Africa after 25 days of ministry and travel. After ministering in 5 locations, affecting leaders of more than 160 churches, seeing over 100 people accept Jesus, and planting a brand new Crossfire church in a remote village I can say that whatever I had to give was given. It’s gone! Yes, I left it in East Africa, yet even as I am recovering from jet lag and a grueling schedule of ministry, I am being refilled! Only God can do that! The Biblical principle of giving is that you empty yourself of all the Lord has deposited in you to bring life, healing, resurrection, maturity and unity to people who will receive it. To our natural way of thinking, anything we give away is gone…lost….never to be replaced or recovered. However, in the supernatural way of Jesus, anything we give away simply makes way for a fresh deposit coming to us. Spiritual and emotional stagnation are the result of holding back for yourself rather than giving of yourself. We have give out in order to make room for something fresh to refill us, to keep us fresh. Prov. 21:26 says ‘the righteous give without sparing’. True giving is complete and generous giving without holding back something for yourself. However, as you give you also make room for receiving. Jesus say ‘give and it will be given to you’ (Luke 6:38). The context of His words were in regard to judgment and forgiveness but the words reveal a Biblical principle that transcends that context. Are you stagnant in any area of your life? Give and be refreshed and refilled! Or………..go to minister in East Africa.

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