The Heart of a King - A Heart that Produces Fruit

In Luke 6:43-45 Jesus communicated a key leadership concept; that what comes from our hearts is our fruit. In verse 44 he said ‘Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thorn bushes, or grapes from briers.’ Every leader in business, ministry, or government is recognized by what they produce; not what they sell, but what they produce…that which comes forth from their heart to those they lead.

The people they lead and influence want good fruit, something nourishing and sustaining for the trials of life. Even if they get a large paycheck from that business or ministry, that paycheck is only a small dimension of what they desire from their leaders. They desire life-giving nourishment from the heart of the leader. They desire leadership that builds and strengthens; sustaining fruit that remains in spite of ups and downs in the organization.

In our sphere of influence we are known for what grows and flows from our hearts. Is it juicy grapes and succulent figs of the vine and the tree, or the thorns and prickles of the bush and briers? As we come into agreement with storing good things of the Kingdom in our hearts we produce grapes and figs. We will be recognized by that fruit and known as fig trees and grapevines to those we lead.

Some leaders sell one thing but produce another. I’ve observed ministry leaders sell the ‘good news’ of grace through faith in Jesus from the pulpit of leadership. Those same leaders produce the bad news of condemnation and control behind the closed doors of leadership. They sell one thing and produce another thing. Initially such leaders may be recognized for what they sell but every tree eventually produces fruit that reveals its true identity.

I am glad and thankful that as we embrace the grace of God to store up goodness and grace in our hearts, that is what we produce. As we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in America lets be thankful that as we grow in grace the people we lead will pick figs and grapes from our leadership.

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