Footprints That Follow You Are the Evidence of Trust In You

Photo by Hu Son Yu -US. Army soldiers stationed in South Korea.

Footprints that follow you are the evidence of trust in you. As Joshua stood on the edge of the Jordan River looking across to the land of promise he knew there was opposition on the other side. He also knew the people of Israel supported, undergirded and trusted him to go into that land. They verbalized their trust in Joshua 1:16-18 when they said ‘Whatever you have commanded us we will do, and wherever you send us we will go……….we will obey you……be strong and courageous!’ In fact they said that anyone who disobeyed would be put to death. Wow! Thank the Father for grace under the new covenant!!!

Their mindset, heart attitude, and will were firmly engaged in following Joshua across the river. Their words stood in stark contrast to their forefathers who stood at the same place 40 years prior.(see Numbers 13, 14) Joshua knew that, not only was God the Father for him and not against him, but the people were for him and not against him. He could place his feet in new territory knowing that multitudes of footprints would follow his. He earned their trust in the desert. He redeemed that trust at the Jordan River. Their words became actions as they not only crossed the river, but possessed the new territory.

Every leader in business, government and ministry, no matter the size, must know that the opposition is in front of you, not behind you. A leader’s charisma may earn quick, temporary trust, but it’s their character and choices over time that secure stable, enduring trust from people. Some leaders are deceived when they go to cross their river. They discover more opposition behind them than ahead of them. Some people seem to follow but it is out of compliance and trepidation rather than in obedience and trust; a fa├žade of following but their hearts are reluctant. They do not trust!

The Father may have promised new territory for you and those who follow. Ask yourself if you have developed their trust through your character and choices. I am not talking about a perfect track record. I’m talking about a pattern and a lifestyle that reveals the transforming power of grace through Jesus. I’m talking about a pattern of choices that have brought spiritual victories.

Your situation may be as simple as a marriage relationship, husband and wife, going a new direction, or as complex as leading a large business or ministry into new places. You need people that support and trust you if you are going to possess the land. Do they trust you? If they do, you’ll see their footprints following you as you cross your Jordan River.

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