Make the First Footprints in New Territory

Image: Blue Sunset over the Jordan by Ivan Makarov
Make the first footprints in new territory. When Joshua and the Israelites completed their 40 year wilderness experience, they stood at the edge of the Jordan River looking across to new territory. It was a territory of promise, provision, and purpose; a land fulfilling the promise given to Abraham for the destiny of a nation, a land of provision in abundance to grow and prosper, a land of purpose to establish the Spirit of the one true God as preeminent in faith and worship.

They stood on the edge of a river having spent 40 extra years waiting for another chance at the land of promise. They had seen the river before but backed off due to fear of the opposition, fear of failure, and fear of personal harm. They doubted their God was more than able to overcome all opposition; doubted the promise, doubted that the uncertainty of the new land was worth giving up the certainty of the old land.

Every leader in the Body of Christ will stand on the edge of their Jordan River. No matter how many prophesies, no matter how many inner confirmations, no matter how confident you may be from a distance, when you stand on the edge fear and doubt seem to encroach. We can look to Joshua as our example for taking the first step across the Jordan.

In Joshua 3:8 the Lord told Joshua; “tell the priests who carry to Ark of the Covenant: when you reach the edge of the Jordan’s waters, go and stand in the river.” We see in Joshua 4:10 that they stood there until the entire nation crossed over to the other side. The priests who carried the covenant, the very presence of God, went and stood in the river while the army and the people followed them. The Old Testament priests made a way for the people to cross over. They carried the covenant of faith, of promise, of presence, of righteousness, and of truth pushing back the waters separating them from new territory. Only the priests could do that.

Today, each believer in Jesus carries the covenant, a new covenant of grace and peace. 1 Pet. 2:10 says that as believers in Jesus ‘we are all a royal priesthood'. Every believer, irrespective of their role in the workplace, church, or family, has the power of grace and the assurance of peace to stand in their personal Jordan River and clear a way to new territory.

There are also leaders in business, government and ministry with a special pioneering call to step into the river so others can pass through to the other side. They have a destiny to make a way, to push back the waters of opposition, to make the first footprints into new territory. Are you one of those leaders? What is the new territory you are called to enter on behalf of your business, government or ministry? Accept the challenge, carry the covenant, and make those first footprints into the land of promise, provision and purpose so others can follow.

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