Greetings from Uganda!

Pastor Harvey during last year's trip to Uganda.  During this trip, he and the Pastor of Gateway Church, Rick Rapp, were able to dedicate this new CrossFirch Church building in Nabusozi Village, Uganda.

I am here in Uganda bringing good news to the poor, sight to the blind, freedom to captives, release of prisoners from spiritual captivity, and releasing the anointing of the Kingdom of God into people in this nation.  I am leading an awesome team to bring all the things Jesus declared in Luke 4:18, 19 to this nation.  This is a season of favor for the people of Uganda!!!

This team from Gateway Church International in Roswell, NM is an anointed band of ministers with a vision to bring Jesus’ words into manifestation on earth just as they are in heaven. Included on this team are two pastors from Faith Freedom Fellowship in Colorado.  We are here in this East African nation led by the Holy Spirit to bring a focused impartation to the children and to the pastors in the CrossFire International Alliance.  Over 50% of Uganda is populated by children under the age of 18.  Children need salvation and teaching to walk in their gifts and calling. Pastors need teaching and encouragement to lead God’s people into God’s promises and prosperity.   We are ministering to children in Luwero, a very poor area outside Kampala and to Pastors in Kazo, a poor Muslim area in Kampala.  In the Kazo area we will have a medical clinic. We will also be ministering in a remote village called Nabusozi where we planted a church two years ago, an Islamic area that Jesus is transforming into His kingdom alignment. So as we do this mighty work, pray that God’s will is done on earth for these people just as it is in heaven. Expect great and mighty things from the Lord as He reveals Himself through this team in this hour in this nation.

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