Back From Uganda!

Pastor Harvey with Rick Rapp from New Mexico, receiving the first tithe from Ugandans, a huge deal!

I’m back from Uganda and excited about what the Lord is doing in that country.  A great group of mighty men and women of God ministered very powerfully to about 1000 children over 8 days. They also brought medical assistance with the help of a local doctor to over 450 people in a poor neighborhood of Kampala and the remote village of Nabusozi.  This team went two by two to minister in 5 different churches on Sunday bringing good news to the poor and freedom to prisoners.  Wow!  What a group of ministers!!   

In addition we had three pastor’s conferences where powerful ministry went forth from my good friends Rick and Gary from New Mexico and Grady from Colorado.  These mighty men of God brought words of freedom and deliverance in the financial freedom for leaders in Uganda.  About 700 leaders attended these conferences.  A big ‘thank you’ to my friend and fellow minister Emmanual Kabambi for his hard work in coordinating all that we did in three weeks.  You can see a few photos on my Facebook page for visible evidence of time well spent.

So, after 3 weeks of travel in Uganda I am home and focused on what the Holy Spirit may have us do for this next season.  2012 is a prophetically pivotal year. We each must hear voice of the Father, re-align our hearts, repair our souls, and refresh our perspective to fully live in His kingdom revealing His glory and bringing Him honor. I encourage each of you to seek the voice of the Lord more intensely these next 6 months of the year.  I believe that refreshing will not come without the re-alignment and repair as pre-requisite.  Uganda encouraged my hope for what the Lord can do with a few people, a little money, and a lot of spirit-led ministry.  Praise His name as we embrace the last half of 2012.

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