You Must Show Up If You Want To Eat!

The Holy Spirit and the bride (the church, true Christians) say ‘come!’  And let everyone come who is thirsty( who is painfully conscious of his need of those things by which the soul is refreshed, supported, and strengthened) and whoever earnestly desires to do it, let him come and take and appropriate (drink) the water of life without cost. (Amplified) Rev. 22:17.  This powerful scripture from the Apostle John brings a deeper understanding to the need for believers to eat and drink of the Word of God. Whether it is the written Word, spoken Word, or prophetic Word, we must show-up at the table to consume it!

A big part of life is simply ‘showing up’. We must show up and be seated at His table if we are going to eat and drink from Him.  Note in this amplified translation the scripture says whoever ‘earnestly desires to do it, let him come.’  I have found over many years of ministry that there are many who say they desire to do something; however it is really only a few who earnestly desire to do it and then come to partake. The scripture also says it is those who are ‘painfully conscious of the need’ that will choose to come to the water. Herein lies a demarcation between a life of lack and a life of abundance; a life of defeat and a life of victory; a life of His will done only in heaven versus a life where His will is also done on earth.  It is the earnest ones, the painfully conscious ones, the seriously committed ones that come to eat of His word and drink of the water of life. We see a similar scenario in Jesus’ parable of the great banquet. (Luke 14:15-24)  Many were invited but excuses are made for not showing up to eat.

Many of you who lead ministries and pastor churches have wondered why some to whom you minister don’t value that which is offered at the dining table.  They talk but don’t walk.  They make an occasional stop but never really take a seat at the table. They don’t make the effort to show up, eat and drink. Others show up, taste the food but are not hungry or thirsty enough to actually be filled and be nourished by it.  Others want home delivery.  They want a more convenient dining experience. Convenience is valued over the content.  

I am reminded of an experience ministering in a small church in Nepal.  Deborah and I were teaching in a village where this church was the only Christian church in the dominant Hindu culture.  An elderly lady in her 80’s was in the group of 50 people that day.  Her attention hung on every spoken word from Deborah and I. She consumed everything we brought to the table that day. She drank the water of the Spirit. Her smile revealed an earnest desire, and a painfully conscious need for the living water and word. As she ate, her toothless smile revealed an inner joy of being satisfied and quenched. The pastor told us later that she was a new believer. She walked 13 kilometers one way each Sunday to take a seat on the floor of that ‘dining table’. Yes, she walked at the age of over 80 to take a seat at the table.

Lord, I pray that every reader of this message is stirred to hunger and thirst so earnestly that they overcome every excuse and every convenience to come, eat and drink of what these leaders bring to the table.  Let every leader be encouraged that those who do eat and drink will walk in abundance and victory bringing your will from heaven to earth. Amen and amen!

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