The Transition to 2013

The last post for 2012…what a pivotal year in the Lord……and a first post for 2013. We close out 2012 knowing that pivotal decisions and events occurred in the lives of many of you.  Changes in ministry, advancements in the workplace, hearts refined, and your churches and ministries maturing, and each of you advancing the kingdom of God in these last days!  Praise the Lord!  I look to 2013 with expectation of greater things He will do through YOU!!! His kingdom advances as we walk in the maturity and fullness of Christ in our life and ministries. Each step forward is a step of advancing the Kingdom. Each life-bringing word spoken reflects the kingdom. Each prayer prayed promotes the kingdom.

Many of you reading this are part of the ‘Remnant’ who are passionate, purposeful, persistent, and stable in the work of the kingdom.  A word for you…..  As you enter 2013 be not distracted by the noise and images of culture, religion, or relationships.  Stay focused. Stay true. Stay on track. Stay the course. The pivoting and aligning of 2012 will bring forth first fruits in 2013.  Let not your heart be troubled by what you see with your eyes. Be assured and comforted by what you KNOW in your spirit by the Spirit. The ‘Remnant’ will carry the banner of Redemption and Restoration. The ‘Remnant’ will fly the flag of Truth. The ‘Remnant’ will speak the Word and it will return It’s fullness.’

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