The Wise Heart Will Know the Proper Time

The wise heart will know the proper time…. (Eccl. 8:5). Time, as a currency of the Kingdom of God, is important in God’s eyes. It should not be wasted or squandered. However, many a minister experiences frustration, anxiety, disappointment and even gives up because he/she did not ‘know the proper time’ for God’s plan and purpose.  The proper time is always the Father’s time. He’s never late or early!

We feel and hear a call from God. We receive a prophetic word or vision revealing exciting forthcoming events in our life and ministry. We have God-given dreams and desires of fulfilling our purpose in the Kingdom of God. These things give us hope, encouragement and confirmation of God’s continued work in our ministries.  But we must not impose our timing on fulfillment of God’s plan.  He seldom outlines specific time-tables for working in our lives.  His timing is seldom as rapid as we want or expect it to be. God’s visions, prophetic words, and dreams are often designed to point us in the direction of our calling and purpose and to keep us on that track. We must wisely discern and hear what, when and where we act on His behalf.

The writer of Ecclesiastics says a ‘wise heart’ will know the proper time.  Wisdom is the great stabilizer in walking out the intentions of God.  Embrace wisdom and we will develop a ‘wise heart’. Embrace wisdom and we will walk patiently yet purposefully. Embrace wisdom and time is spent productively. Embrace wisdom and time is never squandered, even in seasons of seemingly little forward movement.

Many years ago a man I knew had a vision of preaching the Gospel to millions of people. God showed him he would own a bus traveling from place to place to minister to large crowds with the Gospel. As soon as he completed Bible School he expected the vision to show immediate signs of progress. He desired the bus. He desired the large crowds. He anticipated people giving large sums of money to finance this vision. But he did not seek nor did he have Godly wisdom to walk through the journey to fulfilling the vision. He got frustrated and disappointed that things did not come together according to his expectations. Within a couple years he gave up and left the vision behind.  He did not understand the ‘proper time’ of fulfillment. He did not have a wise heart to patiently walk in the direction of fulfillment while waiting upon God’s timing for each step toward fulfillment.

So I say to you; embrace God’s wisdom so that YOU will know His time.  Ask for His wisdom according the Word which say’s ‘If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. But when he asks he must believe and not doubt..…(James 1:5, 6). His wisdom will carry you through the highs and lows of your journey to fulfill GOD’s purpose in YOUR ministry for HIS kingdom. It will come to pass as your wise heart knows the ‘proper time’.