The Fruit of Africa, 2013

Jack fruit from East Africa

Jesus said I have come to ‘proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor’ (Luke 4: 19). Upon hearing the depth and dimension in this declaration, a Bishop in East Africa proclaimed ‘Oh my God, my God, now I understand!’  So it was as we ministered across Kenya and Uganda bringing good news to leaders of God’s kingdom here on earth; bringing good news of God’s favor for those who receive the grace of Jesus Christ.

Having returned from Africa I only now am digesting what transpired and am inspired as I do so. While we ministered in half a dozen churches, our primary purpose for this ministry was impartation to key leaders who desired to advance the Kingdom of God in these last days.  The words of the Bishop rang clearly through the building that day as the other 70 or more ministers embraced new depth to understanding grace and living in the ‘year of the Lord’s favor’.  In Eldoret, Mbale, Bugiri, and Kampala the Spirit of God and the Truth of His Word brought forth understanding and transformation. The key lay in the hearts of leaders who chose to receive it. When traveling to new locations for ministry we seldom know the soil condition before sowing the seed. However, our host pastor in one new location declared midway through the first day of ministry ‘Pastor’s, you must understand what you are hearing; this is leadership impartation.  There is impartation if you will receive it.’

During two weeks of ministry with Deborah, our friend Gary, and myself we ministered to many people, but it was those 600 leaders that God had directed us toward on this journey. We want to thank Pastor’s Allan, Andrew, Betty, Fred, Ronnie, and Partson, and our East Africa Director Emmy for receiving us and receiving the Word of God through us.  We believe many of these leaders are of the remnant, chosen by grace. May every Word of Truth have fallen on good soil and come forth to bear fruit 30, 60 and 100 fold for His glory and His purposes.  Praise the Lord!