The Benefits of Testimony

"We have lives filled with testimony that ONLY we have lived, only we have experienced. "

The man (John) who saw it has given testimony and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, and he testifies so that you may believe. (John 19:35)

God instituted the concept of testimony to help validate the Truths of His kingdom. Testimony of God’s kingdom working in our life has power to move others to believe in the kingdom ruled by His son Jesus. The apostle John is testifying to seeing the crucifixion and, later, the resurrection of Jesus. In John’s words we see the three attributes of testimony: it’s personal; it’s declared; and it validates Truth.  These three attributes combine to bring power, revelation, and belief to those who hear a testimony. Today I will address the first attribute:  personal involvement and experience.  

The word ‘testimony’ comes from the Greek root word martus, variants of which are translated as either ‘witness’ or as ‘testify’ in the New Testament. A ‘witness’ is someone who has first hand knowledge and evidence to authenticate a fact or a truth.  It is the same root word from which we get ‘martyr’.  A witness has experienced or walked out or has seen and heard with their eyes and ears some fundamental aspect of the kingdom of God; some fundamental truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  When we personally experience and or observe physically, emotionally, or spiritually God’s truth in our life, we become a witness for His kingdom. We authenticate (i.e. bring evidence of fact) the Truth of His kingdom principles working in our lives.

The value of personal authenticity is exemplified in Hebrews 11. The writer lists numerous men and women of faith who personally walked in faith in some aspect of their lives.  At the culmination of this long list of ‘faith’ witnesses the writer says in Hebrews 12:1 therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.’  The words ‘therefore, since’ follow an entire chapter documenting witnesses who walked by faith. It points the reader to the next few words of direction to you and me. 

All of chapter 11 was written to provide impact for chapter 12 verse 1. The witnesses of chapter 11 had first-hand knowledge and personal experience authenticating the power of faith in their life. Chapter 11 was written to reveal how key people in history acted and believed in such a way that validates a Truth. All this SO THAT you and I, the readers in 2013, can believe in the power of a fundamental truth of the kingdom of God… ‘faith’! 

Their personal witness to you and me encourages us to throw off everything that hinders, entangles, slows us down, mires us in muck, and to RUN forward in our call, purpose, and destiny designed by the Father.  The witnesses of Hebrews 11 testify to know how authentic, real, powerful, tangible, and truthful is a walk of faith in Jesus Christ and His kingdom. Their testimony is personal! They lived it! Their testimony is a catalyst for us to BELIEVE and to do what we have been called to do!!

You and I also have a testimony that is personal. We are witnesses to our own lives. We have lives filled with testimony that ONLY we have lived, only we have experienced. There is power in that testimony. There is a catalytic force in that testimony!  Do not underestimate its power!

In my next post I will teach on another attribute of testimony. Click here to be taken to the post!

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