Testimony - Validating the Truth of the Kingdom of God

Jesus said in John 5:33 ‘You have sent to John and he has testified to the Truth. Jesus is saying here that the Pharisees sent people to listen to John who had testified to the Truth about Jesus. 

I have written in my previous posts that there are 3 attributes of a Kingdom testimony.  It is (1) personally witnessed or experienced, (2) declared openly, and (3) validates a Truth of the Kingdom of God.  Now I will speak to the third attribute: validating Truth. Truth by definition is the state or character of being true, conformity with that which is factual and real’

Jesus said John the Baptist testified to the Truth.  John had a revelation of who Jesus was; Messiah, Lord, and King of Kings. John the Baptist declared an inviolate Truth given directly by the Father that this man, Jesus, was the fulfillment of prophetic hope going all the way back to Abraham.

In the spiritual context ‘truth’ is bigger than fact or evidence. Facts and evidence can support Truth, but facts and evidence by themselves are not Truth. Truth encompasses all things of the Kingdom of God, many of which are intangible, yet are all infallible and true. Scripture says God desires those who will worship Him ‘in Spirit and in Truth’. (John 4:24) Truth is Jesus Christ resurrected and reigning in the hearts of believers. Truth is the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Truth is the return of Jesus as ruler of the universe. Truth is the finished work of the cross unto healing, deliverance, prosperity of soul, salvation, and abundant life. Truth is eternal life through Jesus for those who believe. Truth is the Word of God. Truth is salvation by grace and not by works, and on and on and on. 

Truth is bigger than a simple tangible fact. However when we testify to a Truth with personal evidence, our testimony brings forth the tangible reality of God’s intangible Kingdom. We validate what we pray in ‘your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. We bring forth personal evidence of Truth. We declare authentic reality to the living Jesus and His kingdom.

Anyone can testify to a fact, but when we testify to Truth we activate the power of Holy Spirit to use that Truth to move the hearts of those who hear; to move the hearts of people to BELIEVE. When a testimony validates Truth, the kingdom of God is no longer just words on paper; a statement of faith, a hope of future glory, or a desire to be fulfilled. It is real, tangible, personal, and the human extension of God’s eternal kingdom.

You have testimonies of God’s truth in your life. Declare them. Allow the Holy Spirit to use them as a catalyst for others to BELIEVE. All those who hear and take it to heart will be blessed! (Rev. 1:3)

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