New Songs, Vital Songs!

Praise the Lord. Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise in the assembly of the saints. (Ps. 149:1)   

David wrote these words prophetically to the ‘saints’; the church that would be birthed hundreds of years later. He was declaring that the church would sing ‘new’ songs in their gatherings. Five times in the Psalms David speaks of singing a ‘new song’. (Ps. 96:1; 98:1; 33:3; 40:3) David loved to praise and worship the Father. He loved to give glory to the Lord of Hosts. He passionately poured out his heart to the Father declaring His goodness, mercy, love, power, and greatness. From his heart would then come new songs, songs of the Spirit; songs birthed in the 3rd heaven and manifest here on earth. Such songs are for today, for the church, for you and me in personal and corporate worship. 

New songs are vital to spirit filled and spirit led praise and worship. They reflect a remnant mindset. They reflect our connection and communication with the Father by His Spirit. No one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God. (1 Cor. 2:11b) New songs are organic; nothing artificial added! They are neither contrived nor forced, but simply spring from the Holy Spirit; Spirit to spirit. They bring forth fresh sounds, new words, and a fragrant aroma of heaven here on earth. 

New songs in a congregation come in two primary forms, (1) those birthed during a time of corporate worship, i.e. spontaneous birthing, and (2) those birthed during personal time with the Lord and sung at a later time in the church, i.e. intentional birthing. Some can be put on paper and sung over and over. Others are only for a specific moment to bring revelation and truth for that day to that church. In either case their organic nature that makes them fresh, new, and vital to the believers. In this day a remnant will bring forth fresh new songs with prophetic insight and apostolic impartation. The remnant church will birth songs as fresh bread bringing the aroma of heaven to earth. Some of these songs will be sung by others outside our congregations. Some will only be sung in our respective assemblies.

In Crossfire, we sing songs others have written. They are often a platform for spontaneous birthing of a new song. We sing songs we have written through intentional birthing at home or in a music studio. And we sing songs given spontaneously by the Spirit during times of corporate praise and worship.  Each kind of song has its place, but all kinds of fresh songs are necessary!

We have had instrumental only songs birthed in our church spontaneously; musicians playing drums, guitars, keyboards beyond their natural ability or skill level. Our worship leader told me of times when he was playing a spontaneous song with sounds, rhythms and chord combinations he had never heard nor played before. He was out of control, so to speak, yet within the control and influence of the Spirit of God. David said, “He put a new song in my mouth”. (Ps. 40:3) The Holy Spirit can put a new song in YOUR mouth. He can put a new song in your church. Open your heart, passionately pursue His purposes, and sing forth those organic words and sounds of a new song birthed by your Father.

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