A Prohetic Word Regarding Worship In the Body of Christ

Today I am posting a prophetic word given two weeks ago by one of the prophetic voices in our church. This particular word lines up with words that was given to us late in 2013 and where the Holy Spirit is leading those who will follow.  The word late last year increased our ministry emphasis on praise and worship this year. I feel like the Lord is drawing us into a higher and deeper level of engaging Him in praise and worship. Jesus said that God is Spirit and ‘His worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth’. (John 4:24) I believe this has prophetic application beyond our local church.  As you let this scripture and the word below saturate your very being the Holy Spirit will bring revelation into your life.

"First, I heard the Spirit speaking about psychological and emotional healing as opposed to only physical healing: There is hurt in the soul that needs healing, and God wants to heal that at Crossfire as much as the physical pain. When God speaks of healing happening in Crossfire, He's referencing to healing in the soul and the body.

Next, I discerned in the Spirit something similar to a word I had at Crossfire a few weeks ago about separating our needs from God. The Spirit showed me that it would be wrong to always approach corporate worship through the filter of our pain and need for healing. It's good to lay down our needs before God, but that is not meant to be a constant, conscientious action. It's important to address our hurt and needs sometimes by meditating on them in corporate worship, but it's also important to be able to worship God without frequent thoughts about specific healing needs that we have. 

I heard the Spirit say that part of pursuing Him is about giving him focus without regards to our needs, and this requires trust that He knows our needs and has plans to meet them. When a corporate body pursues God in worship without regard to individual needs, but only with regard to whom and what God is, they can receive revelations about His splendor. By putting away personal healing needs and focusing on God, we view Him objectively, but if we pursue God in the scope of our needs too much, we won't have an appreciation that He is bigger than our needs. In other words, God exists apart from our needs for Him, and we won't appreciate how big He is or His desire to help us without acknowledging that fact. Seeing God through the scope of our needs too often can cause us to perceive that He is smaller than He is.

I also heard the Spirit say that by pursing Him strictly to honor who and what He is, rather than who and what He is in relation to our needs, we will be opening the doors in our hearts wider to receive His Spirit. This will lead to closer, more powerful encounters with His spirit and His healing, because we'll be submitting ourselves to His character, ready to respond to His initiative, rather than having a plan to see a specific outcome based upon our hurts. God is who He is regardless of what we need from Him, and when we pursue Him without an emphasis on our needs, we allow Him to reveal His heart toward us so that we are surprised at the purity and the depth of His goodness. And we realize that, though He doesn't owe us anything, and though He is a very big God, He cares for us more than we care for ourselves. The splendor of God is the coexistence of His limitless size and His unchanging love, and a revelation of that requires an objective pursuit of Him."

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