2015 - Time to Build a Strong Tower.

This third prophetic word for 2015 is an emphasis on what the church should do. The Spirit is saying we must ‘build a strong tower’. The church in America and elsewhere often builds towers, but not necessarily strong towers reflecting the name of the Lord. For example, a church big in number but weak in substance is not a strong church. In times of trouble and tribulation, personally or nationally, people seek a place of security, strength and safety. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe (Prov. 18:10).  The church of Jesus Christ is called to be such a place where the righteous run. When man-made systems and structures shake and crumble, the church must stand. In America in particular, the Holy Spirit is saying we must focus our leadership emphasis on building churches and ministries that are strong towers. 

During the seeking time our own ministry hosted back in December, our intercessory team brought forth elements as part of building a strong tower…..prayer, prophecy, praise and worship. They are to be core elements of strength and safety, and they require investment of our time! While most of us have some aspect of these in our lives, the Holy Spirit is saying we must increase in this area if we are to be strong.

There are mindsets, spiritual strongholds, and dimensions of spiritual opposition which are prevalent in the USA. One such mindset is our perspective of time. We don’t like to spend time on anything without tangible results, and quick to immediate results are preferred! We like quick and easy, the path of least resistance. When we choose drive through over dine in, it is often because of time. If we are to build a strong tower as ‘the church’, we will increase time for prayer, prophecy, praise and worship. These aspects of spiritual interaction with the Father help grow, stabilize and strengthen believers. They extend our vision upward, strengthen our foundation downward, and extend our reach outward. It’s not just about us…..it’s about others who need a strong tower!

I have a sense that people are looking for substance and strength but are conditioned by the culture to quick and easy. However, in times of trouble people will break out of their cultural conditioning to seek strength, substance, and safety. For You have been my refuge, a strong tower against the foe. (Ps. 61:3)
A strong tower is not built in a day, or a week. Prayer, prophecy, praise and worship cannot be contained by short time slots!!  We have a window of opportunity in which to transform passive mindsets. We have a window to speak the Truth clearly into this nation. The entire church in America will not do this. But I know there is a remnant that is fearless, faithful, and selfless enough to do it. You, the remnant, are what is needed to see the Kingdom advance in America in this day and hour.

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