2015 - The Year of Ingathering

Each year we gather a few prophetic and intercessory people to pray into and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying as we move into the next year.  Some of what He says is just for local ministry in our area, some for our international ministry, and some is for anyone with ears to hear. Today I will share with you one of three overarching prophetic impressions given by the Holy Spirit that have application beyond our local church.

First, we perceive that 2015 is a Year of Ingathering.  To ‘ingather’ is to bring in, to harvest, to reap from the seed sown. To ingather is the Hebrew word ‘aciyph’ meaning to gather in the crops. The Old Covenant Festival of Ingathering was one of the festivals that God required of Israel. It occurred at the end of the growing season with the last harvest of the year. This was later called the Festival of Tabernacles and today is celebrated by Jewish people as Sukkot. “Three times a year you are to celebrate a festival to Me… Celebrate the Feast of Ingathering at the end of the year, when you gather in your crops from the fields.” (Ex. 23:14, 16b) It was a celebration of the fruit of laboring in the fields and to remember God’s provision while in the wilderness.

My prophetic sense is that this has international significance, but it is especially important for the USA. God is gathering a remnant people in America; the passionate, purposeful, awakened in the church to fulfill a Kingdom purpose in the land.  It also speaks to a harvest of evangelism. This is something every ministry leader passionately desires. In America many of us have felt like we are in a cultural and spiritual wilderness. Yet God has provided sustenance and blessing in it. But we, yes those in leadership, must be stirred up and ignited so that we can convey the intensity and urgency of the day and the hour. It will be critical for leadership in the American church to move into this word.  We must motivate and mobilize the people in this season.

Are you stirred up and ignited, intensely engaged for what is coming? Are you ready to motivate and mobilize? Something is stirring for 2015!


Unknown said...

We are seeing God stirring in a local church here in Canada; Sagamok Country Church. Pastor Andre Levesque is equipping and mobilizing the saints in the highways and byways, streets and alleys; to bring God's people into the Kingdom. We, too, are sensing the urgency.

Harvey Wittmier said...

Praise God for stirring a remnant!

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