The Gathering 2015, A Convening of the North American Remnant

Worship Leader, Joseph Noel at The Gathering, 2015
I am reflecting on the past weekend where we gathered at The Gathering here in Colorado.  Those gathered were all those ‘whose heart God had moved’ (Ezra 1:5). As I reflect I also recall my own words as I closed the weekend out, "How can we describe a corporate, yet individually personal, encounter with the Holy Spirit?".  I said ‘you had to be there’. It was the kind of encounter that leaves me short on words to adequately…no, to accurately articulate color, flavor and tangibility to the presence of the Father.  We had an apostolic and prophetic team that met prior to each session of worship to discern and respond to what the Holy Spirit desired to accomplish.  That team brought forth a progression of understanding for what the Lord desired as we moved through the weekend.

The key elements of The Gathering were worship at both higher and deeper levels; forgiveness within and on behalf of the church in America for leaders and followers who carried offenses and wounds, and clarity and understanding of the remnant heart for America to intercede for a people that would rise up and advance the Kingdom of God in these days. We prayed for every state and for the remnant hearts to arise in America.

Worship launched us and then carried us to intimate and powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit. Pictures, visions and words came forth that confirmed the Lord’s presence and purpose.   Forgiveness at deeper levels. First, leaders forgiving other leaders who may have hurt or offended them in the past. Then leaders forgiving followers for ‘sheep bites’ that hurt and wounded the shepherds. Then followers forgiving leaders for controlling, hurting, or not valuing people within the church. This was done both personally and in identification with all those in the US with similar hurts. Clarity of who the remnant is and what they are collectively called to do in America. This clarity is found in the heart of Nehemiah, Ezra, and others who paid a personal price and crossed the threshold into unfettered commitment and conviction to the Kingdom of God and His son Jesus. Our worship leaders wooed us by the Spirit from teetering on the edge of the river, to stepping into the stream of His Spirit. Only the Father knows the fullness of this past weekend, but we each experienced His reality that calls unto greater levels of His Kingdom walk. But everyone identified with the words of Ezra, we truly were ‘everyone whose heart God had moved’. It was much bigger than the group that gathered. The Gathering was a seed sown into the kingdom soil of America. Well...you had to be there.

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