The Global Gathering - Munich

Olympia Park, Munchen Germany
In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to Him, and His place of rest will be glorious. Isaiah 11:10  

As I embark on a trans-Atlantic journey I am reminded of the words of Isaiah declaring that the nations will rally to the Root of Jesse, the Son of Man, the Messiah. Isaiah’s prophetic word sounds a signal for the gathering of God’s people in Munich, Germany. Deborah and I are joining thousands of other like-minded leaders from dozens of nations. We and our team will partner in birthing a shaking and awakening on the European continent. This is NOT a conference. This is a move of the Holy Spirit birthed in Asia and now entering the global sphere of influence through the gateway of Munich, Germany. From 2009 until now each of these worship gatherings was named for the nation hosting it, a specific nation coming into alignment with the Lord’s end time move. However the Munich gathering is called the ‘Global Gatheringdeclaring the next level of influence for this day and hour. It is interesting that the Apostle Paul pioneered the spread of the Gospel of the Kingdom in Asia. He was happy with that and would have continued in that direction. But suddenly, he took a sharp left turn on the map toward Europe. He was called by the Holy Spirit to Europe. So it is today.

In my spirit I sense a shaking in Europe. We’ve seen the historic decline of the church, the massive influx of Islamic immigrants, the elevation of intellect and knowledge over faith and spirituality, and the lack of national will to contend against evil. As Bret Stephens recently wrote, ‘It’s not that Europe stands for nothing. It stands for shallow things shallowly.’

While 65% of Germany is nominally Christian, only 2% is evangelical. The institutional church in Europe is dead.  But there is a remnant; flaming fires of faith, contending for the Kingdom on that continent. In Germany house churches are springing up, Christian publications are expanding, and new streams of worship are flowing toward heaven. These fires of faith are vibrant and visionary; not intimidated by the darkness around them. It is from this remnant we see the banner of the Root of Jesse waving over the nation. I believe a remnant in the nations of Europe will rally in unity to Him.  Watch and pray for the gathering in Munich to fan the flame and raise the banner! 

You can access live streaming and video recording of this epic event beginning Sunday October 25 at www.watchmen.org.  

Want to know more about this global move of the Holy Spirit?  Read Harvey's post regarding the Gathering in Japan 2015.

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Betty Grace said...

Oh!!! Glory to God for this gathering, it is not in vain for the whole world will acknowledge the fires of faith from the Gathering. This shaking is not being realized in Europe alone but even in Africa.

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