From The Shaking, There is a Shifting

The commissioning of a new Apostle into the Kingdom!
Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire. Heb. 12:28, 29 NIV
I’ve just returned from 3 weeks in Nepal. I’m getting my ‘head in the game’ here on US soil and recovering from a 12 hour jet lag. Such is life in international ministry! A word in season for Nepal is ‘A Shift’…..a shift to an organic identity in Christ for the church in Nepal. Prior to our November 2014 leadership school in Pokhara we received prophetic words regarding a great ‘shifting’ about to occur and we would be called to be engaged in ‘shifting the landscape of Nepal’. There would be a ‘prophetic stretching of the church without a tearing of the church’.  During our 2014 ministry we taught a group of pastors for 10 days. We were sowing, imparting, teaching, and calling forth a new level of understanding. We laid a foundation of grace, but saw little tangible fruit at that time. However, now (18 months later) we see a ground-level shaking, of which the 2015 earthquake has played a part. The shaking from the earthquake is being used by the Holy Spirit to help the church in Nepal see that which still stands strong, the Kingdom of God. In the fullness of time it is happening!

We continued to plow and sow in some new soil with different pastors; we saw fruit of 2014 emerging and growing in key leaders in the nation.  The church in Nepal has known the role of pastor, evangelist and teacher. It is only now beginning to know the role of prophet and apostle. We imparted vision and called forth an organic, national identity for the church. This is an identity NOT of Hindu culture, Buddhist culture, Indian identity or caste system bondage. It is not an American church culture. It is the identity of Christ Jesus, expressed through the unique origins of the people. They shall shake off cultural baggage and break chains of tradition. They shall arise in unity to establish the Kingdom of God. They are becoming a strong tower in the Name of the Lord and the righteous are running to it. They shall become a holy nation, a sending nation to other lands. Young prophets are recognizing their prophetic calling. Old leaders are imparting wisdom and authority to young leaders who rise in humility to sacrifice their lives for the Kingdom. Do you not discern the times?

I recall many poignant moments and will share one. Near the end of our time with about 30 leaders, most of whom were part of the 2014 school, I looked at one pastor and said ‘you are called to be an apostle’.  He lowered his head, tears in his eyes and reluctantly nodded ‘yes’. We then asked Kali, a 73 year old apostle to come forward and we anointed and commissioned this pastor for his apostolic call. It was tearful, powerful, and in the fullness of time. Do you not discern the times?
From the shaking there is a shifting!

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