Alignment For Your Assignment

These are the men the Lord commanded to assign the inheritance to the Israelites in the land of Canaan. Numbers 34:29
I have written and taught on the topic of ‘alignment’ in the past. It’s a topic of even greater importance today. We are living in a dispensational shift that will begin aligning the nations for the return of Christ. Believers, leaders, churches and ministries must re-align to what the Lord is doing by His Spirit across the globe. Alignment, spiritually, is being directly lined up and in agreement with God’s move. It is like Moses and Israel aligned under the cloud as they navigated through the wilderness moving toward the promised land of inheritance. Alignment is for an assignment. It is where grace-filled provision flows to:  accomplish purposes, open doors for assignments, offer timely anointing to break strongholds, and most importantly, reveal the Father’s perspective on your circumstance and your assignment. You see things from God’s perspective! Grace with all of its fullness is the gift poured out lavishly to the believer, but the fullness of that outpouring is realized on earth as we align with what He is doing today, not what He was doing yesterday. Alignment is not about eternal life, but about abundant life. 
Moses and the Israelites aligned themselves under the cloud of provision as they prepared for their assignment in the Promised Land. Whether the cloud stayed over the tabernacle for two days or a month or a year, the Israelites would remain in camp and not set out; but when it lifted, they would set out (Numbers 9:22). They moved when God moved.  

Our assignments become clear as we stay in alignment. Alignment does NOT mean easy assignments. It means God-ordained assignments. We know from the account of Moses and Joshua that as they stayed aligned they moved toward their assignment to enter the Promised Land. It was only when the nation embraced fear of the giants in the land and balked at moving forward that they came out of alignment. The result was a delay of 40 years before they could accomplish their assignment. Please note…they were still God’s people! They were still a nation with a destiny. They were still assigned to possess Canaan, but it would take time for the nation to get back in alignment in vision, heart attitude and gain God’s perspective to possess the land. 

Studies have shown it only takes 3-5% of key leadership in business or ministry to affect a cultural shift.  God only needs a remnant to change a culture and possess a nation.  

In every nation there are seven mountains that reflect the culture of the nation; business, religion, government, media, arts/entertainment, education and family. A remnant of key aligned leaders can shift the culture on these mountains. When believing leaders are aligned with the Father they will be positioned for assignment on their mountain. They will have an assignment!  Make no mistake about it!!  On those mountains there is land to possess on behalf of the Kingdom of God.  On those mountains leaders will receive delegated authority for their assignment.  These are the men the Lord commanded to assign the inheritance to the Israelites in the land of Canaan (Numbers 34:29).  We see that the Lord commanded assignment of the inheritance in the land.  God’s desire, beyond our individual salvation and eternal life, is that nations come into alignment for the return of Christ. Is the Lord directing you to appropriate God’s inheritance on your mountain, in your nation? Are you in alignment for the assignment? What is that assignment?  Seek Him for the answer.

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